My life as an aspiring teacher currently in school in love with a baseball player who will start his career in February and be away for 7+ months.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve

Family New Years Resolution

We did the same type of things last year as well. What we do is pick twelve things to do as a family. They are usually challenging, fun, or something we have never done before. You can really make it however you like and what works best for your family. The idea is to all do something together at least once a month. 

This years 12 things:

  1. Go on a Mission Trip
  2. Go to Spring Training in Florida (to watch my boyfriend)
  3. Have a Wii fit challenge
  4. Go Huckleberry Picking
  5. Go fishing on free fish weekend
  6. Go deep sea fishing
  7. Do some sort of Community Service
  8. Go to whistler 
  9. Go Kayaking or Rafting
  10. Go shooting
  11. Camp and Seafood bucket {$15 for a huge bucket of seafood on the Washington Coast ask for details!}
  12. Go to a Pro Sporting Event
We came up with this list pretty fast so things may change, but that's it for now. We didn't set what month we will do each things because our schedules are crazy. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


New Years Resolution.

They are coming up so if health and fitness resolutions are on your list here are a couple easy tips to shed some unwanted pounds.

1. Wii Fit 
It's super fun by yourself and with the family. It might not be an extreme calorie burning workout, but it keeps you moving. It also keeps you out of the kitchen and away from the leftover holiday treats. The Wii fit is always there and you don't even have to leave the house to work out. The Wii in general is a pretty good workout. The dance ones seem to be by far the best. Has anyone tried Zumba?

2. Walden Farms
0 Calorie Salad Dressing, dips, and more. What else do I have to say? Okay so it isn't like the real thing, but it's worth it to get food without the calories. The salad dressing is probably the best. The peanut butter and Alfredo sauce isn't my favorite and the marshmallow dip is excellent in my opinion. If you've had any of the other flavors what do you think?

3. Yam Noodles
For 20 calories it's worth a try. You can get them at asian markets, and sometimes Safeway. I think they are great, but they probably aren't for everyone. Here are some Recipes you could try.

Monday, December 27, 2010


The Drive

The Glass Castle -> Read it, listen to it on tape, have someone read it to you. I really don't care, but it's a must. I've now read it and listened to it on tape, and it might have been better the second time around if that is possible (and I have to tell you I am not the type of person to read a book more than once).  Everyone in my family enjoyed it and it made the  7 hour drive go by quickly. Amazon Audible is in my opinion the best place to get audiobooks, and you get two for free for signing up. 

Houston -> My Chow mix. In the back of our Hummer for 7 hours. He managed to only jump to the back seat once and get stuck in the net separating  the backseat from the back a few times. He did smell awful and he did wine way too much. Other than that he was a fine traveling dog. It was after all his second drive to Boise since he came with me over the summer. 

Dallas -> My Chihuahua mix. Free to rome around the Hummer. Cries way too much, and get anxiety every time he get in a car. This may have been the last trip he goes on, but we'll see. If the two dogs can just get along things would be much better, but I never seem to have very much luck when it comes to having well behaved dogs. I love them anyways. 

The Visit.

Scrabble ->  No we didn't play, but we used it to leave a message. The message was about food, yes food. It seems almost everything revolved around food... like always when our family is together. My family makes amazing food and just about all of us know how to eat. Baby -> Baby Max, what a cutie! He was a joy to be around, a joy to take pictures of, and just a really awesome baby.  Tree -> The Christmas tree. Basically where we celebrated our first Christmas all together and by far the best Christmas ever. Hope everyone had a very merry CHRISTmas. 

(Pictures: compliments of my new Olympus Pen EPL-1)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away

That's right ladies and gentlemen - I got just what I wanted for christmas.

The Olympus Pen EPL-1:
I'm so excited to have this baby. My boyfriend is absolutely amazing. On top of this he got me a gift card, a north face vest, a north face half zip, and a few other small things. I definitely made out this Christmas. 

As for my guy. Well, I've been shopping for him for the past month, and let me tell you I had no idea what to get him. First of all he will be leaving in the next couple of months so any video games or big electronic items would do him no good, and that is what I usually get him. So; I decided to get him a watch, and after hours of looking at different watches I decided on this one:
He seems to really like it, and it looks great on him. I also got him an itunes gift card since he'll have his ipod on the road and it will be great for him to download any movies, games, or shows he wants to keep him entertained. 

He is really into games so I got him this game that a friend told me about. It looks pretty good. You can order it on Amazon for around $20.
Last but not least, I couldn't help myself, I got him two Wii games to share with my brother. (a little combined gift). 

They were talking about how much they want to play those games so now that is exactly what they are doing. 

I would love any gift ideas for the traveling baseball player since I am running out of ideas myself. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Christmas

My family will be traveling to Meridian Idaho for christmas. It's a 7 hour drive, and we will be listening to an audio book on the way. Right now it's between The Glass Castle, which is one of my favorite books of all time, and House Rules by Judi Picoult.

Since we are leaving Thursday and will be packing tomorrow we opened our family gifts today and yesterday. So it was a good thing I went shopping today. 

Some things I gave....

My Brother (who is 18)
Maximo Headphones - so far so good - he says they sound great
And an enormous  jaw breaker since it was his favorite candy as a kid. 

He seems happy about it all, but I'm not finished. Tomorrow I will be out with the crazy last minute shoppers getting him a video game. 

My Mom

She is chinese. I will probably blog about her later, but I had to tell you so this gift would make sense. 
A Jade Necklace
& a cast iron tea pot - I was told by the workers of Teavana that tea tastes much better when steeped in a cast iron tea pot. So I saved some money and purchased this one at World Market. I bought this, but it's really from my dad (he filled my gas tank today)
My Dad

Alright so this is a combined gift for my mom and my dad, but my dad is way more into this. 

A Wii (yes we played last night and it was great)
These two Wii games (I highly recommend) We had a blast playing these and I must say it was pretty hilarious watching my dad and boyfriend dance. 

(In case you were wondering I hold the high scores in both games!)

My Boyfriend
We haven't exchanged gifts yet. I'll probably blog about it tomorrow. I would say what I got him, but since a big part of the blog is our relationship I'll save it for tomorrow. 

My parents got my boyfriend a GPS and a gift card to Applebees. It's perfect because he is always getting lost when he is driving anywhere & he loves to eat out. 

Here are some things I got for christmas:

These awesome Nike Shoes that I can use Nike + with. 
All of my other shoes have been pink. I like these in blue though. It fits my sporty running side. 
I'll start my running again soon. I was running 5-6 miles a day up until November when life got busy. I'll explain in later blogs.

A coach wallet (I needed one to fit in my cross-body coach purse. It's pretty small and I love it. I really hate carrying things, but cross-body's make it easy and now I have a cute wallet that fits right in it. 

I got some cash as well, which is always awesome. 

I also got some other small things. 

Monday, December 20, 2010


I've never been much of a camera snob. I like to take pictures, but I'm really content with my photo booth on my mac. For a while I was using my mom's camera, and then last year for christmas I got the olympus stylus tough. It didn't work out too great for me. I am hoping to get it fixed soon.


long story short. I decided to become a camera snob (a little). I decided I wanted one of those big black nice camera's for christmas. That is until I found this guy....

I went into Ritz yesterday and took some pictures with this camera and fell in love. It's perfect. Not too hard to use, not too big, and not too professional looking. If I don't get this for christmas I will consider buying it for myself. 

va ici rien

Here goes nothing...
My first blog, my first blog post, so yes here goes nothing.

I'm starting this blog for myself, to remember good times, good ideas, and share them with whomever may stumble upon this. It's main purpose is to follow my life as a baseball players girlfriend. In this blog you will find my walk with christ, outdoor adventures, traveling experiences, fashion finds, food creations, must read books, and of course my life as an aspiring teacher in love with a baseball player.