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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here is my Wii family. It's my boyfriend (who really isn't fat, but they don't take in consideration muscle weight), my mom, me, my brother, my dad, and my dogs - Dallas and Houston.
{Wii Family}

Alright, so that is besides the point of pizza. Last night I decided I would make dinner. My boyfriend and I were at Winco Foods. We decided pizza would be a good choice, but look at that family. Do you think any of us could decided on what we wanted on our pizza? (Definitely not) Here is the run down. The guys like meat - a lot of meat and cheese and  maybe some olives. My dad doesn't like onions, but my brother does. My boyfriend, myself, and my mom likes jalapenos. I don't eat meat. My mom and I like veggies, but the guys don't. Crazy right? I am sure there a lot of families out there like this. So here is what we make:
That is a picture of my pizza. It was the only one left to take  a picture of. The point is: everyone gets to make their pizza exactly how they want it. As for me, I like veggies of all sorts with extra marinara sauce. 

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