My life as an aspiring teacher currently in school in love with a baseball player who will start his career in February and be away for 7+ months.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, today is Sunday. The last day of the weekend, and the last day of winter break.  So what do I have to look towards now?

  1. I'm taking 21 credits this next quarter. My full load plus an extra 6 credits. 
  2. I'll be continuing to work part time in a special education elementary class, while I have an internship in a special education class. 
  3. My boyfriend will be leaving for spring training in Florida, completely across the country
It's not all so bad though. On January 14th my boyfriend and I will have been dating for 4 years. After this quarter I will have 1 year until I have a teaching certificate. Every break I get I will be visiting my boyfriend in Florida and wherever he'll be after spring training. I'm also looking forward to Valentines Day. I'm hoping my guy will still be around, but who knows. Baseball has been very unpredictable as far as scheduling goes.

Farewell winter break.
It's been one of the best ever. I got to spend it with my boyfriend and spent Christmas with my entire family for the first time ever. I finally got to read some enjoyable books, and practice some DIY projects. I say practice because I am entirely impatient and not at all crafty, but i am creative and love the idea of making things. 

{Houston with his Mets bandana I made for him}
A white bandana, fabric markers, and a pencil to trace with. 

Not as great as the blogger I took the idea from, and not quite finished, but for me it's not bad. 

{Sunday's at Tiffany's}
It's worth reading and it's a lifetime movie. I haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet though. 

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